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4 Ways of Boosting Diabetic Oral Health

Posted on 1/17/2017 by Dr. Leite
A woman with diabetes smoking and damaging her smile.
Diabetes interferes with your body's ability to process sugar. Whether you suffer from type I or type II, you can end up with high blood sugar levels.

When this happens, you risk problems with your vision, your heart and your kidneys. Diabetes can also have a negative impact on your oral health, but there are ways you take care of it.

How Can Diabetes Affect Your Mouth?

Untreated diabetes can affect every part of your body. It even prevents problems in the mouth:

•  Dry mouth. Diabetes can impact your salivary flow. Saliva is a crucial natural defense against bacteria. It contains proteins that kill dangerous bacteria while it washes them away.
•  Higher risk of gum disease. Gum disease can affect your entire body if not taken care of. Bacteria that once infected your gums gets below the gum line and gets into your teeth and jawbone. It can then get into your blood stream and travel to other parts of your body.
•  You may be unable to properly taste foods.
•  Slower healing.
•  Increased risk of infections.

Get Your Blood Sugar Under Control
One of the best ways to boost your diabetic oral health is to get your blood sugar levels under control. This means you should take your medications as prescribed. Don't skip doses or use more than you are told to.

You should also exercise and eat a healthy diet. By getting your blood sugar levels under control, your body can regain its ability to better fight bacteria and infection.

Quit Smoking

Smoking, as well as any other tobacco product, is more detrimental to your oral health than just staining teeth. Nicotine restricts your blood flow, which prevents oxygen from reaching your gums. As a result, your gums die and begin to recede. The chemical also affects your salivary flow. When combined with diabetes, you drastically increase your chances of developing gum disease. Quitting now can start lowering that risk.

Brush and Floss

Proper oral hygiene is crucial to preventing tooth decay and gum disease, whether you are a diabetic or not. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing regularly helps to remove plaque and bacteria buildup. An alcohol free antibacterial mouthwash can also be a valuable tool in your daily oral hygiene regimen.

Visit the Dentist

The dentist does more than just give your teeth a good cleaning. He examines your mouth for signs of tooth decay and gum disease. He will then inspect the rest of the inside of your mouth, as well as the areas around your mouth (including your face and neck) for signs that something is off. These examinations are important to keeping your mouth, and the rest of your body, healthy.

Don't let your diabetes destroy your oral health. By taking the necessary steps, you can get your diabetes under control and protect not only your mouth but your whole body as well.

Please contact our office if you have any questions about diabetes effects on your oral health.

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